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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyThu Jun 18, 2009 12:08 am

Rules of the Icon Central Forum

Section I: Banned Content

The following content is BANNED from all sections of the Icon Central forum:

1. Racist remarks with ill intention.
2. Pornographic images in the public forums.
3. Spoilers for shows/movies/anime.

Section II: Site Conduct

4. To report abusive behavior that breaks any rules in any section, send a moderator of the forums a private message.
5. Treat your fellow ICON members with respect. Do not insult or harass other members. Insults, harassment, flaming, or other similar abusive behavior towards other members of The Forum will not be tolerated, and forum mods will take appropriate action if they see abusive behavior from any user. Please understand the limits between friendly jabbing and abusive behavior.
6. If a topic is more than two month old, please consider whether it is wise to post in that thread. If you do decide to bump it with a new post, you better be adding something meaningful - basically anything better than "wow that's so cool!" Necro-ing is something that is only appropriate at certain times.
7. Posts that intentionally derail a thread from its original topic are strongly frowned upon. Nonsensical and off-topic posts like these will be deleted.

Section III: Forum Content

8. Do not spam outside of the spam section.
9. Post coherently, preferably with a point. Mindless rabble that leads to nowhere will get sent to spam.
10. Try to have some descriptive thread titles that represent the content of what your thread will contain. Titles like "click here please" or "hmm..." does not say anything about what your thread contains and will result in either your thread title being changed or just sent to spam.
11. Do not double/triple/post 8 times in a row. Learn to edit your previous posts if you have something to add.
12. Forum games should go to spam.

Section IV: Signature Restrictions

13. Total sizes of forum signatures should be no larger than 800px wide by 250px tall (and maybe one line of text).
14. Your entire signature must not exceed 500kb in size.

Members of the community that do not follow these rules will be punished. You could get PERMANENTLY suspended from the forums.
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Forum Rules
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