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Welcome, hear ye hear ye (I believe that's how the phrase goes?)

Anyways. ICON is now established. What is this you might ask? Well, in a nutshell its DrK reformed into a larger and improved community. Where our focus is now shifting from just WC3 to everything the internet consists of... except gardening (NO PIK NO. NO.) That the TL;DR version. Now for the real stuff.

Let us start with how we were formed. What is ICON? Why ICON? Well, we wanted a name that possessed many qualities. We needed something catchy, something that could be turned into an acronym like ICON. Icon Central is a good community name that implies that our forums are the center of our community. The administrators here at ICON believe by uniting online gamers, multimedia users, and fans of anime all onto one forum we can achieve our goal of providing content and a home to the internet community as a whole.

What initiated our reformation? Well, our old forum, ventrilo server, and CS 1.6 server provider (Affordablegameservers) went out business. So with the need to regroup in that department we decided now was the best time if ever to reform entirely. And thus Icon Central was formed. (ps: I'll miss dex from affordablegameservers, good guy indeed).

What can you expect from Icon Central? Many things, from graphic design and video editing, to professional and casual play on the entire spectrum of gaming. We plan to congregate the members of the web onto our forum with similar interest, get to know each other, and gain from each other. We plan to have our forums be a home for many along with our community to spread out into many fields of interest on the internet.

If you are reading this, high chances you are already one of ICON. Welcome =)

PS: this new smiley rocks, Goku with a LOL sign! lol!

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