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PostSubject: draftsnake   draftsnake EmptyWed Feb 10, 2010 6:21 pm

How it works

Super Fucking Original E-Sports League

It will be divided into three categories:
  • SEL-Open: 32 teams per bracket. Brackets are separated between region. Maximum of four brackets.
  • SEL-Professional: 24 teams per bracket. Maximum of one bracket.
  • SEL-Invitational: 16 teams per bracket. Maximum of one bracket.

Each season 8 teams will be advance into SEL-P. The 8 worst SEL-P teams that season will be degraded to SEL-O for next season. Each season 4 teams will be advance into SEL-I. The four lowest scoring SEL-I teams will be degraded to SEL-P.

Each season last 14 weeks.
Week #1: First match
Week #2: Second match
Week #3: Third match
Week #4: Fourth match
Week #5: New seeds based off performance of last four weeks. No games this week.
Week #6: Fifth match
Week #7: Sixth match
Week #8: Seventh match
Week #9: Eighth match
Week #10: Brackets will be made for SEL-O, SEL-P, and SEL-I tournaments. Top 8 teams in each category participate in their respective tournament.
Week #11: First tournament round
Week #12: Second tournament round (semi-finals)
Week #13: Third tournament round (finals) & third place match
Week #14: Evaluation for all the teams distribute prizes and get ready for the next season.

Each match won is +2 points and each match lost is -1 point.

Prizes for SEL-O, SEL-P and SEL-I.

First Place: [???], vouch into SEL-P, +20 points
Second Place: +16 points
Third Place: +12 points

First Place: [$$$small$$$], vouch into SEL-I, +16 points
Second Place: +12 points
Third Place: +8 points

First Place: [$$$hopefullyBIG$$$], [???], +12 points
Second Place: +10 points
Third Place: +8 points

What we need

  1. Forum: This is where all the match data is going to be given between the staff and the competing teams.
  2. Staff: We will need several staff members for several purposes. We will need a handful of league/tourney moderators. Ones for specific forum use, others for one to one contact with teams via ventrilo/in-game/IRC. We will need moderators for specifically handling and updating the league stats as well as handling disputes. Other moderators will be in charge of keeping the forum organized. We would also want our own set of shout casters for tournaments or anticipated league matches. We have the tools necessary to recruit all of the staff. We just need to look.
  3. Sponsors: We will need a) advertising and b) rewards for prize winners in the tournaments. To be honest, while the league does take a lot of time to play out, I believe we could settle with <150$ rewards for all first place winners excluding the SEL-I which should be double the reward with perhaps some gaming equipment. For the advertising we could attempt to partner up with S2 and have them help us advertise our league.

Now breaking into some much heavier specifics.

People we will need (and this is a rough guess, we may need more)

2 League/Tourney moderators per active bracket. Up to 12 active moderators at a time.
1 Web designer to set up a 'nice' looking forum or even implement something to help with the stat tracking.
4-6 shout casters. (need two camera guys who can be part of a 3 man team or be a shout caster themselves while filming)
2-3 Forum moderators that can keep the forum tidy from spam, arguments, garble, etc.
3 official league contacts (one for each category). They will be in charge of getting as many teams involved as possible and have newcomers directed to them first.
1-2 guys who are good with math and #s in general. We will need these guys for lots of stuff from stat tracking to formulating systems for our league to function with maximum efficiency.
1 person with business experience along with contacting possible sponsors and what not. Also sorting out distribution of prizes, etc.


Map: Forest of Caldavar
Mode: BP

Game Rules
1. Sportsmanship is required and flaming/trolling in-game to your opponent or yourselves is not allowed.
2. Backdooring is allowed.
3. Blocking creeps via behemoth or any other similar means is not allowed.
4. Exploiting any abilities or items for an unfair advantage is not allowed.
5. No pooling items. Sharing charges is allowed.

Item Restrictions
1. 2 astrolabes per team
2. 2 ring of sorcery's per team
3. 1 puzzlebox per team
4. No abusing flying courier with a bound eye

Disconnect and Remake Policy
Each team has the right to wait at least five minutes for a player to reconnect. Any longer and the player will be eliminated and the match will resume 5v4. All items dropped from a disconnected player must be sold and not used. For clarification if someone D/C's for over five minutes the other team can call a vote kick and it must be passed by all players then the game will resume. If a player rage quits you may report it to one of the moderators for disciplinary action. 5v3 results in an automatic loss for the team with three players.

League Rules
1. Each team must report their win/loss to their respective sections of the forum by every (insert day of the week here)
2. Minimum of 6 and maximum of 9 players on a roster.
3. Players can be removed, but not added to a teams roster during a season.
4. If a roster changes too drastically the league moderators maybe degrade the team to SEL-O depending on many circumstances.
5. When reporting an issue/dispute be sure to give full details to the moderators.
6. Our policy on banning players from our league is very straight forward. Depending on your 'crime' you can serve anywhere to a one to three game suspension, seasonal suspension, suspension from this and the next season, or in even more drastic situations a permanent suspension from all SEL leagues.
7. Signing up for a season and not showing up will result in penalty. If we do not hear from anyone on your team and the players on the roster just "vanish" they will be penalized greatly. We believe in letting people know if you cannot make the league matches rather than letting one team wait for a week.

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