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 Tutorial: How to Host on WC3

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PostSubject: Tutorial: How to Host on WC3   Tutorial: How to Host on WC3 EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 11:29 pm

People have trouble hosting on Warcraft 3 because of the fact that some people can't connect to certain peoples' games. This is primarily because of either:

A - Firewall
B - Linksys Router (Or other similar router brand)

We'll begin first with the Firewall.

(If you have a Linksys Router, skip the Firewall steps and try the Linksys first):

1) Navigate to your Firewall. Click Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall. Or in non-classic view of Control Panel: Click Start > Control Panel > Security Center > Windows Firewall.
Tutorial: How to Host on WC3 Step1

Tutorial: How to Host on WC3 Step2

2) Now you have two options. A - Turn the Firewall 'off', this could solve the problem for you and you could be able to host. If you don't feel safe having your Firewall off and/or don't have another form of security for your computer, navigate to the Exceptions Tab and check the box next to Warcraft 3. If WC3 is not listed, you can add it to the list manually by way of the Add Program... button.
Tutorial: How to Host on WC3 Step3

Linksys Router:

1) Navigate to 'Run'. Start > Run... Now type in cmd. Once you get to the black screen, type in ipconfig. This will give you the "Default Gateway" and the "IP Address". Remember these, save them in Notepad, OR just keep the cmd menu minimized for later use.

Tutorial: How to Host on WC3 Step4

Tutorial: How to Host on WC3 Step5

2) Now open up your Internet Browser (i.e. Firefox or Internet Explorer). Type the "Default Gateway" into the address bar. When you're prompted to type your username and password, provide them. If you have no idea what these are, the default for everyone are username: admin and username: admin.

Tutorial: How to Host on WC3 Step6

Tutorial: How to Host on WC3 Step7

3) Now you're at your Linksys Router webpage in a sense. Click on Applications & Gaming. In the Application box type Warcraft3. Start Port: 6112. End Port: 6119. Protocol: Both. IP Address is your IP Address. Check Enable. Sometimes these settings need to be different for different people. So if it doesn't work or has some sort of error, mess around with it.

(Note, the following are the settings I use personally, I had to mess around with it to get it to work)
Tutorial: How to Host on WC3 Step8

4) Now your Linksys should be set right. Restart Warcraft 3 if it was up while you're doing this. Now in Warcraft, go to Options > Gameplay > and change the Game Port to 6112. Now go on Battle.net and try to host a game.

- Even if you don't have Linksys and you have a different brand of Router instead I would still try this. You may just have to figure out how to navigate to your Router's page since it may be a different process.
- If you try Linksys first and it doesn't work, go back and do the Firewall Tutorial.
- Google how to host on Warcraft 3 if this doesn't work, and troubleshoot any other ways on how to do this.
- If all else fails then you can PM me and ask questions or talk to me on Vent (preferably Vent).

by Pik

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Tutorial: How to Host on WC3
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