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 Introduce yourself!

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Introduce yourself! Empty
PostSubject: Introduce yourself!   Introduce yourself! EmptyThu Jun 18, 2009 12:54 am

What does an introduction include? Well I'll let you decide that, but if your stumped you can base your introduction off of any of the following points:

Quote :
1) Who are you? Name?
1a) What does your name mean? Anything unique about it?

2) Where are you from?
2a) Where do you want to live?

3) What do you play, watch, or make?
3a) Want to show us any example of your work, some opinions of your favorites, or your best record/screenshot?

4) What brought you here?
4a) Who do you know here?

5) Whats your favorite smiley/l33t face?

6) Most embarrassing moment?
6a) What do you dread the most?

7) Favorite food?

8) What music do you like?
8a) Favorite song?
8b) Favorite artist?

9) Relate yourself to a character in a show or game.

10) Ketchup or mustard?
The key to a good introduction when wanting to be accepted into a community is to have a wide variety of information to provide while not providing too much information. Reasons being is because the wide variety of information lets us know what kind of person you are and too much information dulls the strong points of your introduction.

My suggestion would be tell us about your self, maybe pick two or three, perhaps four, of these points and tell them to us. You don't have to use this format, but if you're stumped on what to say then hope this helps!

Introduce yourself! Roysig1copy
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Introduce yourself!
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